Moxie dating advice

You may also use this form to contact her, if you wish to ask her questions or to suggest a topic for her next article.Sometimes I catch myself standing still, waiting for the next thing to happen.

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You’ve earned those laugh lines, those stretch marks, those pesky gray hairs. We see you with your beautiful faces and those hands that have accomplished so much. I’m no psychic, but I’m guessing You’re grandmothering now maybe—all the fun and none of the responsibility. I imagine after living certain roles for two or three decades, it might seem confusing to write a new chapter later in the game. I believe we never outgrow fresh dreams and courage, and I assure you we still need your voice, your leadership, your presence—now more than ever. As long as we are breathing air, we have a role to play. The ones whose marriages didn’t work, the ones who found love a second time. Moxie reaches for laughter, for courage, for the deep and important truth that women are capable of weathering the storm.

(Be sure to say sort of old-timey like Girl Friday: "She's got moxie, see...") I've written a book for all of us that is part mess, part moxie, and to make sense of that, I've included the entire introduction below.

comes out August 8th, and without further ado, I give you the beginning of the story and hope you'll join me for the rest six months from today: It has recently come to my attention that not everyone jammed to country music in the nineties.

I’ve watched you mother and sister and serve with such courage and loyalty, I can barely believe I get to claim this generation alongside you. I am convinced there is nothing we cannot tackle, solve, endure, or dream. This is for the girls absolutely living their passions and those that want to desperately but feel stuck. It is literally how God created us: He said, “Let there be moxie! I’ve learned that we don’t outrun our circumstances, nor do we simply outlast them; we just trade them for new issues, new struggles, new challenges. Rather than waiting for the Someday life or, conversely, imagining our Someday life is in the rearview mirror and we’ll never reclaim it, what if we embraced it all right now: all the hope, all the thrill, all the growth, all the possibility.

This one is for church girls, party girls, good girls, wild girls (I am all four). We are spread out across geography, generations, and experiences, but we have two important things in common: mess and moxie. What if everything is available to us right here in the middle of ordinary, regular life?

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