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Robertson was given the final rose plus a whopping ,000 Neil Lane sparkler as she accepted Flajnik’s proposal in the finale.

Afterward, though, the bloom was off as Flajnik surrounded himself with scores of bros and gushed about a woman who worked on the show having “the best boobs.” Things went from bad to worse when a magazine published photos of him kissing another woman.

The Obama-administration regulations, partially outlined in 2011 in what has become known simply as the “Dear Colleague” letter, have encouraged colleges to use the lowest possible burden of proof—just over a 50 percent likelihood of guilt—and, some argue, to effectively entertain a bias against the accused in their adjudication process.

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The affair between Louise de La Tour and Charles “Bonnie Prince Charlie” Stuart threatens to tear apart the nascent Jacobite Revolution. Jamie drops the news of Louise’s pregnancy—the very real consequence of a sexual encounter—like a bomb at the Fraser dinner table.

Yes, the relationship between Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) is another romance between two very attractive people, but there was an earned intimacy and somewhat unusual emphasis on the female gaze that put it a cut above the gratuitous-feeling sex you might see on other shows.

But still, with its time-traveling, swashbuckling adventure, and recurring tropes of the bodice-ripping genre (Gabaldon’s books grappled realistically, in two different cases, with the impact of sexual assault.

Education Secretary Betsy De Vos wants to overhaul campus sexual-assault guidelines.

De Vos’s concerns raise several serious questions about students’ rights on campus (Emily Yoffe explored the issue for in a three-part series earlier this month).

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